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As I neared completion of UNDER ONE SKY, I knew that I wanted to include portraits from the Arabic speaking world in the book. It was 2002, just a year after 9/11--not an ideal time to wander around this part of the world with a camera.  I chose to go to Morocco because I speak French fluently and most Moroccans speak French.  I stayed in Marrakesh and traveled to Essaouira on the coast.  My experience there was without incident and I loved the country and the people.

I am not a “grab-shooter”.  I am not trying to make photographs that are taken with a hidden camera.  Street photography is a different way of working.  As a portrait photographer making images outside of the studio, I always ask before taking a portrait of a stranger on the street.  Thumbs up or down indicates a willingness or not, especially if words fail.  In Morocco many times if a woman agreed to let me photograph, she would cover her hair and face first.


Margo Davis

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