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I began my long association with Stanford University in 1973.  I was a faculty spouse, a resident fellow, a lecturer in Photography and a member of the community.  Through the years I photographed many famous authors as they visited, including many in connection with the Creative Writing Program.  Many of the 30 photographed are in this gallery.

In 1983, Marilyn Yalom and I published, WOMEN WRITERS OF THE WEST COAST: Speaking of Their Lives and Careers, Capra Press.  We focused on ten authors:  Kay Boyle, Judy Grahn, Susan Griffin, Diane Johnson, Maxine Hong Kingston, Ursula, LeGuin, Janet Lewis, Tillie Olsen, Joyce Carol Thomas and Jessamyn West.

“ Writing takes so much determination—you would do it on a rock in the middle of the ocean if you had to.”

-         Judy Grahn


Margo Davis