margo davis | photography

Mythscapes is a series of black and white photographs that I did in1997 and 1998. At the time, I was reading Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. Influenced by their ideas of the myths and archetypes from a deep inner world in which we all journey, consciously or unconsciously, I began creating images that reflected the inner journey that I felt to be my own.

These images used inanimate objects: folk-art, such as African sculptures, some plant life, a mirror, a skull, etc. to convey the journey from birth through childhood and maternity into older age, to the underworld and death. In some cases, a human face, that of my daughter, was collaged with images of plants to express the human/animal connections.

Mythscapes are meant to speak to all human journeys. It was a departure for me to diverge from traditional portraiture, in which one looks outward towards the other as a subject, and focus on an inner journey…one that shows an interior world, a psychic landscape below the surface.