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The portraits I have done in the USA, mostly in California where I live, show as much diversity in the population as those images made outside of its borders around the world.  The work not only reflects the multi-cultural environment of our nation, but also my personal interests in cultures other than my own.

I found Xenia, the featured photograph, collecting insects in a San Francisco garden.  Efronia Katchadourian (13),  an Armenian, left Aintab,Turkey and eventually immigrated to Lebanon-- finally joining her son in America. Ephraim Doner (10), pictured with his wife Rosa, is a Jewish artist from Poland.  Nava (12) is a Yemenite Jew from Israel.

Also pictured are a young African American boy on Potrero Hill, San Francisco, several Native American Indians at the annual Stanford University Powwow, Taos Pueblo residents in Taos, New Mexico, a young aspiring cowboy in Marin, CA and a practicing older cowboy in New Mexico. 

I have continued my portraits of Americans.  The new work of New Yorkers will be featured soon on this website. 


Margo Davis

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