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All American


In 2002 I began photographing New Yorkers of mixed heritage. Since my own children and many members of my family are of mixed heritage I was drawn to mixed ethnicities as a subject for my photographs. It is this portfolio that morphed into the series ALL AMERICAN, some of which are published here. I widened my interest from mixed heritage people to all immigrants to New York who had come from cultures worldwide and adopted New York and America as their home.

The series received its title of ALL AMERICAN last year when Trump emerged as an anti-immigration candidate and then as President. I have been very disturbed at his attempt to denigrate those immigrants that have made this country what it is:  it is has driven me to continue this series. My art must visually rebrand the traditional narrow associations with the term “all-American,” one that has heretofore brought to mind white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, apple pie and hot dogs. 

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

America now has the second most Spanish speakers in the world. Los Angeles is a city with more Hispanic residents than white. We have been a country of immigrants from our birth until now. A majority of the residents of many major cities are from other countries, and they are all American. My series will reflect faces of America—immigrants from all countries regardless of race, creed, religion, color, or national origin.

ALL AMERICAN is every single face of every hard-working immigrant to this country. I am continuing this series in California and hope to disseminate the series in exhibitions, publications, social media, and a book.

It can be seen as a published piece in:      Fusion Magazine All American.


Margo Davis

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